Project Overview

The main idea of the PERFORMANCE project is to develop and validate a holistic, personalised food supply chain for frail elderly persons living either in nursing homes, ambient assisted living facilities or at home (visited by nursing services) facing swallowing and/or masticating problems.

The supply “chain” in this case will resemble a loop, with the elderly consumers forming the initial link (providing info on personal preference and needs) as well as the final link (consumption of the personalised food). As a result of the PERFORMANCE project, an overall concept will be available which allows the automated manufacture and supply of personalised, specially textured food for frail and elderly people.

The key question is: “How can personalised nutrition contribute to improving the health of frail elderly people facing swallowing and/or masticating problems and dignified aging in their sunset years?” [1]

To answer this question, the PERFORMANCE concept will cover the whole supply chain from the food producer to the ready-to-eat meal at point of consumption – whether nursing home or at home. Focus will be put on personalised food for people with mastication and swallowing problems.

3D printing technology
The videos below (from Project partners TNO & Foodjet) illustrates how the existing knowledge into 3D printing is shaping the development and production of ‘personalised’ meals.





[1] Health Promotion Strategy “Adding life to years and years to life”, The National Council on Ageing and Older People Ireland


Funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, FP7 – Knowledge based Bio-Economy, Collaborative Project,
Grant agreement number: 312092, KBBE.2012.2.3-04 – Personalised approaches to food production and distribution.
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