The nutritional status of elderly persons is influenced not only by the aging process and health status (physiological and physical disabilities) but also by psychological (e.g. the way food is prepared and consequently consumed) and social-economic factors (available income).

The PERFORMANCE project will represent a great step forward in improving the quality of life of the elderly by offering them a completely new and personalised nutritional concept capable of enhancing their health status and social life. This will be achieved through the development of a master plan for the industrial manufacturing of personalised food products/meals which makes it possible to:

  • produce a broad variety of different, personalised meals and food products which consider the needs and preferences of each individual person
  • personalise meal composition (e.g. vegetarian, chicken, beef etc.), portion size, nutrient content (e.g. carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals) and texture (softness/hardness and vitamins)
  • use personalised packaging with an integrated and unique identification code (for information management), special reusable trays and sealing for individualised heating of the food components of a meal

To summarise, the overall objectives and impact of the project are new processing approaches and tailor-made technologies for the use by small and medium sized (SME) food producers to produce personalised food for the frail elderly European consumer.

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S&T Objective 1

Research and development of texturing systems and nutrient implementation, enabling high melting temperatures, freeze thaw stability, increased flavour perception, nutrient content and application for a food printing process.

S&T Objective 2

Research and development of processes and technologies leading to the building of a demonstration unit for a 3D food printer needed for the successful production of personalised food products.

S&T Objective 3

Research and development of innovative personalised packaging solutions with controlled microwave transfer, reuse and recyclability.

S&T Objective 4

Research and development of integrated information and supply management systems for the recording, control and optimisation of food intake of the frail and elderly in particular with swallowing and mastication disorders.
Funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, FP7 – Knowledge based Bio-Economy, Collaborative Project,
Grant agreement number: 312092, KBBE.2012.2.3-04 – Personalised approaches to food production and distribution.
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