Expected Results and Impact


Strategic Impact - General Public

Through innovative food production processes the functionality, quality and nutritional value of food – including organoleptic aspects, will be enhanced.

PERFORMANCE is an ambitious project with an innovative nutritional concept. Its nutritional concept considers the general problems associated with aging (e.g. decreased sensory perception, etc.) combined with the special requirements (e.g. vegetarian, allergies, nutrient demand) of residents with masticating and swallowing difficulties. It allows the manufacture and supply of personalised meals enabling frail elderly persons eat what they like and in a form they are familiar with.

By considering the personal needs and limitations of each individual, meals are presented in a consistency in keeping with traditional meal forms (e.g. a strained chicken wing looks like a “normal” chicken wing) while modified in texture and nutrient content for personalised consumption. The social and nutritional value of meal times is enhanced and the results of the PERFORMANCE project are likely to provide a number of nutritional and health benefits to consumers. 

Strategic Impact on Food Industry

Integration of advanced technologies optimising innovation in the EU food industry.

Representing a breakthrough in the industrial manufacturing and supply of personalised food stuffs the PERFORMACNE project advances new texturising systems combined with 3D printing technology, a personalised packaging concept and a food preparation solution platform. This concept allows the personalisation of a ‘food chain’ – starting with the consumer and his/her food requirements, and ending with the presentation of specialised food products (‘personalised nutrition’). These food products focus on the needs of a growing particular consumer group – fail elderly residents with masticating and swallowing difficulties.

Strategic Impact on Packaging and Processing Industry

Development of a high-tech eco-efficient processing and packaging system

In addressing eco efficiency criteria PERFORMANCE combines the development of high-tech food processing (3D food printing) and packaging solutions (personalised labelling and heating) with the personalised food/nutrition requirements of frail and elderly consumers. An optimised and fully automatic 3D food printing process will manufacture meals in keeping with the natural taste and appearance of tradition meals. The optimisation of portion size – appropriate to residents’ needs will have a direct impact on PERFORMANCE eco-efficiency resulting in little or no food waste.

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Funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, FP7 – Knowledge based Bio-Economy, Collaborative Project,
Grant agreement number: 312092, KBBE.2012.2.3-04 – Personalised approaches to food production and distribution.
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